“The silence was not just about thinking on this topic. They reached the end of the tunnel. Due to the curve they were taking, they still could not see the horizon. It must have been around nine in the morning. The sun’s rays were coming in at such a zenith angle. As they rounded the curve, the view they had been dreaming of for a long time opened up before them. The summit of a mountain which was steeper towards the top was snow-covered. Around this summit, when its size was considered in proportion to the mountain, a snake coiled, at least fifty meters wide and about a kilometer long. Its head, at the same level as the rising sun, moved ever so slightly. Its jet-black eyes could be viewed even from this distance. It had many bright, but faint, colors. Due to this, the contrast it did with the grayish-brown rocks of the mountain was weak. Its jagged tail stretched all the way down to the broad upper plain of the mountain. There was nothing at the summit of the much lower mountain on the right side. The view was perfect as the sky was cloudless and the weather was clear.”