Turkish science fiction dates back to the early years of the twentieth century and serious development has been seen ever since. The writers, who escaped from the darkness of the First World War and took refuge in utopian science fiction, added the excitement created by science and technology to their texts over time. Turkish writers, who followed the science fiction works from the West and made efforts for the development of this genre, produced very qualified works that could compete with their contemporaries at some points. However, due to some historical, social, and economic problems, it was not possible for these works to meet readers in the West. In this anthology, the works of Turkish science fiction writers are brought together for the first time in English. Contemporary science fiction writers have written short stories for this anthology. Hence, the resulting diversity of stories represents a contribution to science fiction literature. An important feature of the anthology is that it includes examples showing how science and technology are perceived philosophically by authors outside of Europe and America. Since literature is an indispensable resource to investigate the equivalent of science fiction, which was born with modernism, in “post-modern” societies. This anthology of Turkish science fiction will be an important Non-Western SF source for both science fiction readers and researchers.